Light from the east : how the science of medieval Islam helped to shape the western world / John Freely.

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      Summary: The story of how the science of medieval Islam preserved and enhanced the knowledge acquired from Greece, Mesopotamia, India, and China during Europe's Dark Ages, and how that knowledge later influenced Western thinkers and contributed to the Renaissance
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      Science before science : Mesopotamia and Egypt -- The land of the Greeks -- The roads to Baghdad -- ʻAbbasid Baghdad : the House of Wisdom -- "Spiritual physick" -- From Baghdad to Central Asia -- The cure of ignorance -- Fatimid Cairo : the science of light -- Ayyubid and Mamluk Cairo : healing body and soul -- Ingenious mechanical devices -- Islamic technology -- Al-Andalus -- From the Maghrib to the Two Sicilies : Arabic into Latin -- Incoherent philosophers -- Maragha and Samarkand : spheres within spheres -- Arabic science and the European Renaissance -- Copernicus and his Arabic predecessors -- The scientific revolution -- The heritage of Islamic science
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