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      Tekniska Högskolan, Högskolan i Jönköping, JTH, Byggnadsteknik och belysningsvetenskap, 2018.
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      Purpose: The aim of this work is to investigate what knowledge there is to gather about choices of functions and construction solutions for a cold bath building. Recommended solutions for piling as the foundation suitable for the Nordic climate will be presented in order to prevent more cold baths to demolish. Functions included in today's cold baths will also be presented to give a general overlook over recently built cold bath houses. The questions chosen for this work is: (1) Which construction solutions about foundation for a cold bath house is suitable for the Nordic climate? (2) Which functions are included in recently built cold bath houses in Sweden and what are the differences between the buildings? (3) What knowledge is there to collect from recent cold bath house projects in Sweden? Method: This work consists of a qualitative study with a case study as an approach consisting of a literature study encircling recent research, document analysis of floor plans and interviews with construction engineers. Findings: The answer to the first question about suitable construction solutions is that the most suitable material to choose for piles is steel. A safety precaution can be to fill the steel piles with concrete because of the corrosion of steel. An enclosing plastic bore can protect the piles from the effect of ice on the piles. The slab of the building should be in concrete to manage the strains of the ocean, wind and moisture. Question number two is about the functions of the visited cold baths included in this work. One thing all the cold baths had in common was the symmetric division between the sections for the ladies and the gentlemen. The sections include changing rooms, showers, toilets and saunas. A bistro was also encountered which creates a meeting place where people can spend time together and then can create an interest in cold baths. The third question presents a picture of what knowledge there is to gather about recently built cold baths. The most important factors to take into account is to divide the work of the construction of the piling foundation and the house building so that the professionals can handle the piling foundation, choose maintenance-free materials and the challenge to build on water when there is no solid ground to stand on. Implications: This work presents solutions to gather about what knowledge there is to collect about the choices of functions and construction solutions for the piling foundation of a cold bath. A further research question about cold bath houses is if the building needs to stand on piles or if it could be a floating building.The building foundation is critical for a cold bath house and should be handled by professionals. Piles of steel manage the Nordic climate and its difficulties much better than wood. Ice has the most effect on the piles though both horizontal and vertical loadsand should be taken to a concern. The cold bath houses today have a resemblance the older generation cold bath houses in the choices of functions and shape. A recommendation is to add more functions in addition to the traditional functions if the aim is to attract new visitors to the cold bath house. Limitations: A general result has been presented through a range of articles, objects, documents and choice of respondents included in this work. Keywords: A research was made about subjects like "construction of piling in water"."piling methods" "reaction between water and construction materials", "history of spa" and "development of functions in spa".
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