Moisture Influence on Compressive Strength of Calcium Silicate Masonry Units–Experimental Assessment and Normative Calculations

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      MDPI AG, 2020.
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    • Abstract:
      This paper primarily assesses the scale of adverse changes to the compressive strength of different types of silicates due to the influence of moisture. The study covers three groups of silicate units of different strength classes&mdash
      15, 20 and 25&mdash
      obtained from three different manufacturers. It was demonstrated that in all studied groups, moisture significantly decreased the compressive strength by about 30&ndash
      40%. In addition, microstructural studies were conducted to analyze the relationship between the specific porosity structure of each group of silicate bricks and their compressive strength. On the basis of SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) and EDS (Electron Dispersive Spectroscopy) analysis, the elemental composition of individual silicates was determined and the contact zone between the aggregate and the binder was determined, which largely influenced the obtained compressive strength of each silicates. Next, the study referred to the utility of the normative procedure used to determine the strength class of samples with different geometries and at different moisture concentrations. The results of the calculations showed the high accuracy of the normative-based assessment of strength class, regardless of the manufacturer and the moisture values during examination.
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