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Baby Boomers

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      Università di Napoli Federico II, 2012.
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      LCC:The family. Marriage. Woman
      LCC:Women. Feminism
    • Abstract:
      Baby Boomers may be read as a private and public story at the same time, as is fre-quently the case in female autobiographic tales; private experiences are intertwined with the rules of the patriarchal society. Rosy, Annamaria and Roberta are three well known feminist intellectuals; their tale starts from their feelings of loneliness and solitude when in the over crowded sixties they started to be in touch with politics. In those years they discovered their belonging to a History which was silent inside the institutions, a world to which they felt they did not belong. Their path towards themselves owed a lot to the consciousness-raising groups where the private acquires a political meaning and dimension. Their feeling of being part of something which was common to all women gave to each of them the instruments to become something different from what they had been taught a woman had to be. Their book is a fascinating picture of a generation of women in progress towards a new idea of themselves and able in the process to set in motion a revolution in social habits and attitudes towards women.
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      Journal Licence: CC BY-ND
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