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An enterprise’s financial stability and its sustainable growth. A risk-based perspective

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      Cracow University of Economics, 2017.
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      Rating of major factors affecting the financial stability of an enterprise; discussion of a model of sustainable growth of an enterprise with a focus on growth optimising. The core problem of this paper is the financial stability of an enterprise considered as an entity conducting business activity. The paper uses in a research the analysis and assessment of an optimum model of a sustainable growth of an enterprise. Research hypothesis: risk is a essential building block of the sustainable growth idea. The reasoning unwinds around the following five fundamental themes: (i) Description of a sustainable growth of an enterprise; (ii) The essence of an enterprise’s stability; (iii) Comparison of an enterprise’s sustainable growth and its stability; (iv) An enterprise’s sustainable growth in a risk-based perspective; (v) Analysis and assessment of a model of an enterprise’s sustainable growth. One may use sustainable growth model to show how the steady growth rate for an enterprise changes in response to changes in the decisions made at the enterprise. This enables the management to track the effect of strategic decisions on the dynamics of the enterprise’s growth rate. This also supports the creation of the enterprise’s policy by promoting an aggressive and more risk-laden strategy, which would ensure a growth rate above the sustainable growth rate; or a highly conservative strategy, which, however, would not ensure even the sustainable growth rate, satisfactory to the shareholders and prospective investors. The implementation of sustainable growth principles requires the organisation to make a significant effort to present its product or services offering on the one hand, and to implement raw material procurement procedures, use best manufacturing practices and create modern distribution systems on the other. A material role in the process is played by risk as a essential building block of the sustainable growth idea.
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