The literature relating to library and information science states that the effectiveness of the organization and its various activities cannot be determined without a statement of goals and objectives because, by definition, effectiveness is the degree to which a library accomplishes its stated objectives.

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Standards, published in June 2004, anticipates that the mission, goals and objectives of a college library should support the mission of the parent institution and should be spelled out clearly so as to serve as a framework for its activities.

Outcome assessment measures take into consideration the library's dependence on technology, its increasing use of online services, its provision of information literacy skills and the budgetary split between print and electronic resources.

The ACRL Standards require goals to be compatible and consistent with those developed by the institution. Assessment of the quality and effectiveness of the library should be linked closely with the specific mission and goals of the institution.

The Information Resources Center should be involved in the overall planning process. These planning methods require input from a broad spectrum of the institution's community. Strategic planning that includes evaluation, updating, and refinement, provides an overall direction that helps to guide day-to-day activities and decisions.


The mission of AU’s library and Learning Resources Center is to support the university mission in identifying, organizing, preserving and offering accessible resources which serve the needs of college members, students and the community at large. In addition the library seeks to locate, acquire, organize and select the most appropriate material and make it accessible to users. It is also the mission of the library to build a comprehensive, balanced library collection and provide a good environment for reading, learning and research.

The upgrading and preserving of the library’s information technology infrastructure to ensure prompt access to information and information services is also among the AU library mission priorities.