Computer & Internet Use Policy 

Due to high demand from AU students, community patrons do not have full computer privileges.  We will allow public patrons to use the library computers only in the presence of a reference librarian and for a limited time.

quickly check email, print, and/or make photocopies.  WIFI is available to those who bring their own devices. 

Users are prohibited from:

Viewing Inappropriate or Unlawful Content: Content that is fraudulent, harassing, embarrassing, sexually explicit, profane, obscene, intimidating, discriminatory, hostile, suggestive, defamatory, or otherwise unlawful or inappropriate may not be downloaded or sent by e-mail or any other form of electronic communication (such as Internet postings, newsgroups, chat groups, voice mail, paging system, music, graphic and video files, etc.) or displayed on or stored in any AU IT Resource. AU has implemented Internet blocking software to restrict access to inappropriate Internet sites.  The Internet is a worldwide network of computers that contains millions of pages of information, some of which may contain offensive or inappropriate material.

Circumventing Established Security:

Users may not attempt to circumvent AU data protection measures or attempt to uncover security loopholes.  Users may not gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to restricted areas or files on AU Information Technologies.  Users should not tamper with any software protections or restrictions placed on computer applications, files or directories. Users must immediately report suspected network, hardware or software vulnerabilities. Users will not attempt to demonstrate or exploit suspected security vulnerabilities. Users may not download or use any unauthorized security or “hacker” tools or devices.

Violating Network Security:

Users will not conduct network mapping, discovery, port scans, traffic analysis, traffic logging or any other information gathering/discovery technique from any AU Information Technologies device unless that action is specifically authorized in their normal duties and responsibilities and approved by the AU IT Office.

In order to enforce these policies, the Information Technology Office may:

Implement Additional Security Measures:

AU IT Office reserves the right to impose additional security restrictions and procedures in the future as necessary.

Monitor Internet Use:

Monitoring includes, without limitation, any activity performed on an AU Information Technology Resource including Internet Sites visited, material uploaded/downloaded by Users to/from the Internet, and email sent and received by users.